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This sector encompasses both Staples and Discretionary Goods, investing in anything the public purchase.  These firms link to food, drink, automobiles and electronics.

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Bernadett Ihász-Kovács

Consumer Goods Senior Analyst


One of the largest sectors in the world from fuel extraction to integrated providers.  Our team also looks for firms moving towards a healthier planet.

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Adam Laird

Energy & Utilities Senior Analyst


A highly unique sector with massive advances in research and technology on an ongoing basis, in an attempt to produce better quality of life around the globe.

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Alec Theys

Healthcare & Pharma Senior Analyst



From companies handling in the discovery, development and processing of raw materials through to those providing equipment, transportation and distribution.

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Răzvan Marian Păun

Industrials & BM Senior Analyst


With a notorious amount of M&A deals and IPO listings thanks to its countless new and exciting tech firms.  This sector ranges from hardware through to networking.

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Andrew Shaw

TMC Senior Analyst


Encompassing the provision of all forms of financial services to commercial and retail customers.  This sector also includes property investments, bonds and beyond.

N.B. Due to the complexity involved in valuing financials, AUTIC opts to invest in Industry Trackers instead of individual stock picks.

What does AUTIC teach YOU?

Investing in companies trading at a favourable valuation is important and a key consideration when making an investment decision.

To identify such investment opportunities, we incorporate a mixture of fundamental and technical analysis. These two methods of valuation used in conjunction with one another allow us to present to our members thorough pieces of due diligence upon appraisal.

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We teach value through the following ways:

  • Conceptualising and analysing organisations' operations and dynamics.

  • Interpreting financial statements, and understanding accounting practices.

  • Financial Modelling, such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Comparable Companies (Comps) Analysis.

  • Behavioural Finance and charting pricing patterns.


Examining and understanding the wider market environment before digging into individual firms helps to provide our members with a more objective view on the unique value proposition each firm brings, and its merit.

Aside from a strong understanding, we look for industries which are experiencing tailwinds which can aid an appraisal's quality, even before an individual company is discussed. This is usually the first stage in the appraisal process. 


The conversation around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has undoubtedly increased in investing circles over the 21st century. AUTIC takes the view on ESG investing as a core part of fundamental analysis, which is considered from both our standpoints as rational investors and as socially responsible investors.